Available courses


This developmental course is offered to students who are required to take General Biology 1 as a core course in their associates’ degree program of study at the University of Belize.  In addition, this course is to assist those students who did not perform well in their high school biology course but want to pursue a tertiary level degree in a field that requires General Biology 1.  Thus, this developmental course provides an overview of classification, chemistry of life, transport systems, reproduction, genetics and ecology.

Course Coordinator: Thyra Arana, Odalis Hernandez


This developmental course is offered to students who are required to take General Chemistry 1 as a core course in their associates’ degree program of study at the University of Belize.  This is an introductory course designed for students with no chemistry background who need to take General Chemistry I and Introduction to Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry. It includes basic principles in Chemistry. Topics to be covered: Units of Measurement; States of Matter; Atomic Theory and Structure; Chemical Bonding; Chemical Reactions; The Periodic Table; Mole Calculations; Chemical Names and Formulas.

Course Coordinator: Thyra Arana, Odalis Hernandez


This course examines the basic/fundamental concepts of real numbers and algebra. Its purpose is to provide students who are not adequately prepared to take on Intermediate Algebra (Math 1014) with the necessary mathematical concepts they had not acquired. The very basic concepts will be taught at a pace that is suitable to the students taking this course.

Course Coordinator: Thyra Arana, Adelia Young


The ENGL0090 (Pre College English One) course focuses on an in-depth review of grammar with emphasis upon usage. Strong attention will be given to the development of composition and critical reading skills in reference to the development and organization of paragraphs for a variety of purposes.  Vocabulary development and a wide range of supplementary readings will complement this course of study.

Course Coordinator: Thyra Arana


ENGL0095 (Pre College English II) course focuses on developing competency in grammar usage, reading and writing that are necessary to succeed in College English courses. It is designed to help students develop writing skills; therefore, the course emphasizes the writing process and critical awareness that are vital for academic ​and technical ​purposes.

Course Coordinator: Thyra Arana


This course is designed to assist the student to complete a research project. Seminars will be conducted to address issues and concepts related to the identification of the research problem, significance, data collection procedures, analysis, and interpretation of the data.


This course exposes students to the philosophical foundations of education in Belize. Topics include: philosophy and education; basic philosophical issues; traditional and modern philosophies; theories and education; personal educational philosophy; educational philosophies in Belize; religious education; education for critical consciousness; the courage to teach: reflections from traditional and contemporary thinkers.


In this course students will be immersed in a variety of texts that can engage, challenge and give pleasure to adolescents, as well as increase teacher awareness and reading/critical thinking and writing skills. We will examine how adolescent literature can be used to address the developmental needs of adolescents by becoming familiar with cutting edge research on adolescents in the Caribbean in general and Belize specifically. Emphasis will be placed on identifying texts and developing reading strategies, methodologies and activities that can enhance secondary school instruction of literature. Prospective teachers will learn how to improve high school students’ reading comprehension and creativity through questioning techniques and discussion, as well as through techniques that inspire teachers to read and discuss literature.
Course Coordinator: Kimberly Stuart


This course examines the individuals physical, psychological, and social development during the adolescent years by studying basic theories, research and cultural influences. Also, it examines the impact of the family, peers, and school of modern culture on the emerging adolescent. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), adolescence covers the period of life between 10 and 20 years of age.
Course Coordinator: Gilroy Middleton Sr.
Course Instructor: Corinth Lewis


The course considers the teaching of English as a Second Language (ESL) for children who speak other languages. It covers the socio–linguistic context of techniques used in various language skills and is based on second language acquisition theory. It particularly considers the multilingual context of most Belizean classrooms, and a further focus is on particular strategies to assist Kriol/Spanish/Garifuna/Maya first language teachers, who themselves have English as a second language, in addressing both cognitive and affective challenges of the bi/tri/multilingual classroom.
Course Instructor: Erica Aguilar