Welcome Message

Professor Clement Sankat


The University of Belize (UB) is the premier degree-granting university in Belize, offering world-class, innovative, relevant and affordable higher education and a vibrant and academically enriched student experience.  As the national University, it is devoted to excellence in teaching and learning and engages in research that contributes to Belize’s social, technical, cultural and economic growth. Through innovation, partnerships and public engagements, UB has paved a way for more responsive and collaborative public services. And our students, alumni, and staff are consistently making an impact - changing lives, transforming Belize and protecting our environments.

The University of Belize now, as it was at its inception, still stands as a tangible symbol of nationalism, commitment to Belize’s empowerment and an ingrained desire for the organic development of a Belizean consciousness and identity; and is driven by a singular purpose – to provide knowledge, skills and the values needed to accelerate the advancement of Belize and Belizeans through research and service within a supportive yet inspiring environment.  Whether you’re a dedicated student, a pioneering lecturer or an ambitious company, UB’s diverse curricular offerings, impactful research, and diverse investment portfolio will provide extensive opportunities for interdisciplinary study, collaboration with leading researchers in highly advanced learning environments and business ventures that will enable students to succeed in life.