The University of Belize is a national, autonomous, and multi-location institution committed to excellence in higher education, research, and service for national development. As a catalyst of change, it provides relevant, affordable and accessible educational and training programs that address national needs based on principles of academic freedom, equity, transparency, merit, and accountability. 


The intention is the transformation of the University as a recognized university in the region and as the premier degree-granting university in Belize, which is student-centered and which responds to the national development needs and priorities of the country and aspirations of higher education. 


The core values of the Strategic Plan provide the principles that guide UB's implementation of the goals and objectives, to be promoted as part of the culture of the institution: 

  • Excellence and Merit

  • Relevance and Contribution to National Needs

  • Spirit of inquiry and Academic Freedom

  • Diversity and Equitable Access

  • Sustainability and Future Orientation 

  • Accountability and Transparency 

  • Empowerment and Initiative

Education is the vehicle for personal and social development and the means whereby students examine values and forge their identiites, becoming successful individuals and contributing members of their communities.

Dr. Santos Mahung - UB President August 2007 - September 2010