The UB Library provides access to:

1)      Digital Libraries ( EBSCOhost, HINARI, Climate Change)

2)      Academic support to faculty and students, e.g. APA & MLA writing styles

3)      The sourcing of eTexts, email

EBSCOhost – Digital Library that provides online access to a number of databases that cover a wide range of general and academic topics.  It is an interface in which you can access a variety of different subscription databases both multi-disciplinary and subject-specific.  E-journals and eBooks help to make the search experience more meaningful. 


HINARI – Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative.  Under the umbrella of Research4Life, enables low and middle-income countries to gain access to one of the world’s largest collections of biomedical and health literature.  


Climate Change – Learning resource guides for advanced learning on climate change and library of UN materials relevant for climate change. 


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